World Leaders in the supply of temporary road and roadway matting, site access and ground protection products

As designers, manufacturers and suppliers of temporary roadway, site access and ground protection solutions, we aim to provide our customers with innovative ‘best in class’ products delivering the highest levels of performance, value and safety at all times. 


We are committed to ensuring our temporary roadway products meet the ever changing and demanding conditions within the civil engineering, transmission, renewable energy, oil & gas, infrastructure, ground work and leisure event industries.


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All New TuffTrak XT - The Extreme heavy duty temporary access road mat

The Checkers Safety Group is again pushing the boundaries of product innovation with their latest addition to the TuffTrak® range of heavy duty temporary road mats. Following extensive international testing, TuffTrak XT is now available from stock adding the first of a new, and innovative, generation of heavy duty temporary road mats to the TuffTrak range, combining the latest design and materials

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Working closely with its worldwide partners TuffTrak delivers unique and innovative temporary roadway, site access, trackway and ground protection solutions across key industry sectors including transmission, Oil & Gas, renewable energy, construction, civils and events. Regarded as "best in class”, TuffTrak delivers maximum safety, performance and value, together with Checkers total commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Some of the industry sectors and applications where we have helped our partners in temporary roadway access and ground protection.

Temporary Access Roadway or trackway delivering temporary ground protection. TuffTrak XL Heavy Duty Access Mat, delivers high level of ground protection and temporary roadway access,   TuffTrak ground protection mat and working safety pad on Oil & Gas project   EuroMat ground protection for delicate stone surface during major shopping center construction project
Transmission   Oil & Gas   Civil & Infrastructure
Wind farm construction phase ground protection and temporary road site access using heavy duty trackway / trakway matting   TuffTrak and TuffTrak Lite ideal for flooring and ground protection at festivals and other major events   Temporary trackway / trakway project providing ground protection matting solutions for access roadway project
Renewable Energy   Events   Access Roadways

Benefits of our products

Our temporary roadway solutions are designed to meet health and safety regulations, avoid environmental damage and save time and project costs. Sustainability and environmental protection are both Checkers policies of effectively managing environmental performance in order to minimise the impact of our business on the natural environment and the community at large. Extending this policy to all our workplaces, employees and others affected by our activities, many of our products are manufactured from 100% recycled plastics and waste materials at 'end of life' and diverting useful materials away from landfill.

TuffTrak Range - Featured Products


The fast and safe way forward for effective heavy duty temporary access, TuffTrak® is the market's leading heavy duty temporary road mat (trackway), manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). TuffTrak® provides access for heavy plant, equipment and multiple vehicles up to 150 tonnes*. 


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TuffTrak® Lite

A new trackway product to the TuffTrak range - Checkers Safety Group s is again pushing the boundaries of product innovation with the latest addition to the TuffTrak® family of heavy duty temporary road mats. Following extensive international testing, TuffTrak® Lite is now available from stock adding the first of a new, and innovative, generation of heavy duty temporary road mats to the TuffTrak® range, combining the latest design and materials.


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TuffTrak Lite the all new lighter weight heavy duty road and site access mat


The fast and safe way forward for effective man-handleable temporary access, EuroMat® is the undisputed market leader. EuroMat®, branded as LibertyMat® in the USA, is essential for temporary access and ground protection for the construction, civil engineering and ground work industries. 


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EuroMat man Handleable Temporary Access Mat for temporary road or access roadways, walkways and ground or surface protection



Specifically developed  as an efficient alternative to traditional builders’ plywood providing a low cost, easy to deploy and reusable product for a wide range of uses within the construction, groundwork’s and events industries. Economat MB combats the risk of slippage or falls, injury from splinters, short lifespan, the increasing costs of plywood and environmental costs of its disposal.

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Economat the multi board alternative to construction plywood


The fast and safe way forward for effective ground reinforcement and stabilisation, GeoGrid® is a cellular grid paving system, incorporating a simple interlocking design for fast and efficient installation.  GeoGrid® is ideal for pathways, access ways, car parks, depot and storage areas, emergency routes, driveways, road extensions and widening. GeoGrid® is supplied in pre-connected 1m2 sections. 


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GeoGrid Cellular Grid Paving System for pathways and drives driveways, access roads and car park areas



Part of TuffTrak Safety Product range, TrenchSafe™ delivers safe access for pedestrians during remedial and new groundwork projects, where the areas of work impinge on footpaths and pedestrian areas.  Specifically designed to match the needs of construction and streetworks contractors, TrenchSafe is compliant with DETR Safety at Streetworks and Roadworks Code of Practice, BS EN 124 and Safe Working Practise.


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GeoGrid Cellular Grid Paving System for pathways and drives driveways, access roads and car park areas



TuffTrak Products - Sale or Hire

All our trackway, temporary roadways site access and ground protection solutions are available for sale or hire. 

* Load bearing properties dependent upon ground conditions. Compression tested at the National Physical Laboratory NPL, UK. 

Checkers Safety Group are worldwide providers of solutions for temporary access, temporary road and roadways, depot storage areas, ground protection, ground reinforcement and stabilisation to the transmission, construction, oil & gas and events industries. Our TuffTrak® heavy duty roadmats and man-handleable EuroMat® temporary access mats are market leaders within these global sectors. For further deatils of how TuffTrak® can help you and your industry contact us now with your requirements. For information - please note: TuffTrak Heavy Duty Road Mats are also know by some industries as 'trackway' or 'trakway' matting, crane mats, rig mats or bog mats.


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