International Athletics Stadium - Switzerland

EuroMat protecting running track at international athletics stadium SwitzerlandSummary

• Construction vehicles and heavy plant needed temporary access around the sports stadium

• Delicate areas required protection against potential damage from heavy trucks and equipment

• Provide a cost effective, robust and safe solution


The International Athletics Stadium, a premium sporting facility based in Switzerland, was undergoing renovation work to the stadium’s main stand and seating areas whilst reconstruction work was being carried out to the pitch. Temporary access was needed for delivery vehicles, heavy plant and construction machinery across some delicate areas of the stadium, including the professional running track, sports field and flagstaff paving.


Over 120 EuroMat®, Zigma®’s premium heavy duty man handable access mat, were installed on site by Zigma®’s Swiss partner, Schoelkopf. One of EuroMat®’s options is supplied with a smooth underside, which has been specifically designed to help eliminate damage to delicate ground conditions and surfaces underneath the mats, and this option was selected in order to deliver the most effective solution for the stadium.

The upper side of the EuroMat® featured Zigma®’s unique ‘chevron traction™’, delivering maximum, yet safe grip, for vehicles, work crews and pedestrians. The EuroMat® is extremely simple and easy to install, weighing only 36kg each, but is capable of supporting weights up to 80 tonnes. The ‘grab handles’ along each side allow fast offloading from trucks and handling around site, and with options for night safe visibility, the EuroMat® is Europe’s premium man handable access mat.


The client was highly impressed by the performance and capabilities of EuroMat®, especially its ability to avoid expensive damage to the sensitive areas of the stadium including the professional running track and sports field. The competitive costs of using EuroMat® compared to other solutions, and the ease and speed of deployment and de installation, were major factors in bringing this important renovation project under budget – and on time.

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