Construction Project - Germany


  • Construction project, Hamburg, Germany
  • June 2012
  • Protect a stone driveway from construction vehicles and machinery


Access was required to the construction site via a stone driveway; this needed to be protected from any damage, while delivery trucks and vehicles weighing as much as 40 tonnes.

A product to protect the driveway was required that could be handled and installed easily and quickly, be connected off centre to fit the shape of the clients driveway as well as keeping transport costs to a minimum.


The client decided to use EuroMat® instead of steel plates.  This decision was made due to the ease of installation of EuroMat® – weighing only 35kg and incorporating hand holds, making handling and installation easy – as well as low transport and handling costs.  In addition, the easy connection system of EuroMat® allowed the mats to be connected off centre, providing a solution that conformed to the shape of the driveway.


On completion of the contract and removal of the EuroMat® there was no damage to the driveway or ground and after the project finished, the client purchased their own EuroMat® for future projects.

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